Our Mission

Our Mission

Who We Are

Elect Women NJ is an anti-racist, feminist organization. We are the first and leading political action committee focused on raising money to invest in viable, diverse, Democratic, and pro-choice women to run for local office in NJ races. Elect Women NJ is giving campaign donations and building a network to support strong candidates who need investment in local races. Having access to funds can be the crucial difference between a successful race and an unsuccessful race. Elect Women NJ is helping to build the pipeline of strong, viable women candidates in order to increase the representation of women in elected offices in New Jersey. 

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What We Do

During an election cycle leading up to the general election each November, we recruit, endorse and fund women to run for local office in New Jersey.  When women are elected, they prove to be more effective legislators than men, especially when legislation calls for high levels of effort and consensus or focuses on education, child care, and family health. Women legislate from their lived experience and it is essential we have them in the room advocating for policies that protect and support American women. 

Why We Do It

Elect Women NJ was founded in 2020 by 3 women who have run for and served in local office. The results of those campaigns are a shared understanding that women candidates need more support and women donors, and those who support women candidates need more meaningful ways to get involved. Since its founding in 2020, Elect Women NJ has raised $50,000 for women candidates running for Sheriff, Surrogate, Commissioner, Mayor, Council & BOE. 


Our goal is to increase participation in the political process by building the bench of women running, funding those who are seeking office, and bringing a network of women together to contribute to women running for office.


In addition to the monies raised and invested in women candidates, what makes the Elect Women NJ different is our focus on building community and inspiring our network of donors. Elect Women NJ focuses on partnering with our donors so their contribution to women candidates has the most meaning and impact. We see it as our mission to select strong candidates to support so our donors know their money makes the most difference.